Hello, Dallas

by Susan on Thursday, May 23, 2013

_You Arrive My Life Begins _, 2013, Laser cut mirror plexiglas, 60 x 24 inches, Image Courtesy Galleri Urbane, Dallas, TX

My show in Dallas! I admit I was simply relieved that the five new prints, two mirror pieces and two stencil works I sent in the mail actually arrived unharmed (thank you postage gods!). I was really thrilled with the show and the install (thank you Adrian!). In fact, I was so pleased that I made people take nerdy photos of me in front of the work.


, 2013, Digital print on archival rag, Image Courtesy Galleri Urbane, Dallas, TX__


From left to right: You Are The One For Me, 2013, 30x40 in.; A Vision So Wonderful, 2013, 24x20 in.: We Belong Together, 2013, 24x20 in.

Here is another fun install shot seen through the mirror piece:


This Feeling We Share Is Real, 2013, Mirror plexiglas and vinyl, 24x20 in., Image Courtesy of Galleri Urbane, Dallas, TX

And the gallery from outside:



Many thanks to Ree, Jason, Adrian and Natalie! A wonderful time meeting the good folks of Dallas.-

And in case you’re interested, here are a few things we checked out during our day-long visit:


An work by Jenny Holtzer at The Modern that humbled me to pieces.


JFK conspiracy theorists just outside the 6th Floor Museum near the “Grassy Knoll” offering their own perspective on the assassination of JFK.


JFK Memorial Plaza, which I found to be an incredibly depressing memorial and work of art - so institutional, concrete and utterly stark. I suppose it must have been difficult to be charged with the task of creating a memorial for a charismatic, young president whose assassination changed the fabric of a nation. But this?


But the presence of Segways make it easier to digest, I guess.

Thanks for reading. Be back soon.

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