I'm Moving I'm Playing I'm Dreaming

by Susan on Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring has arrived with a burst of change and activity. I feel grateful for all that is happening in my life.


I’ve taken this advice to heart: I’m moving. I’m playing. I’m dreaming.

I’M MOVING: We signed a lease and will soon have a Berkeley address! We are so excited that we don’t even feel daunted by the heinous task ahead.

I’M PLAYING: I’m speaking tonight with three wonderful artists, Mel Day, Jeanne Finely and Carlos Ramirez at the Palo Alto Arts Center. We will be discussing our projects in the Community Creates exhibition and how we navigated representing community in our projects. Please come!

Tomorrow Christina Amini and I are getting the band back together and will be available to talk and listen at the Montalvo Arts Center gallery from 1-3pm. We are eager to hear about your dreams - not the ones that put to sleep but the ones that make you excited just thinking about them.

Also, I’ve been working on a new series of prints and text works for a show in May at Galleri Urbane in Dallas, Texas. This is the first time I’ve ever shipped an entire show to a different state, so it’s pretty exciting. More to come on this!

I’M DREAMING: Mostly I feel full of gratitude that I can live my dream right now. I’m pursuing my creative life and learning about it everyday.  I haven’t cracked the code that gives me inspiration 24/7 or figured out how to earn a living at this just yet, but I’m giving myself this time - and for me this is a big deal.

The truth is that when I dreamed of this life, I never knew exactly what it looked like, I just imagined how it would _feel. _It feels open and light and there is the delight of the many faces involved in it. Maybe one of them is you.

Everyday there are highs and lows - but in this moment I’m feeling like there is possibility. So let’s just go with it, then. I’m living my dream and outside my window there is jasmine that smells like heaven. Not too shabby.

Thanks for reading.


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