Signs on the Wall

TRUST THIS SPACE. I’ve made a sign that says this and recently hung it in my new work room to remind me of it.

I’m a fan of how people use text in a work space – as a means to remind, encourage and disrupt.

Artist Christine Hill hangs THINK in her various store-like projects. Apparently her Dad worked for IBM, where THINK is the company’s mantra. But unlike a big technology company, Hill’s artwork often takes the appearance of cottage industry, where she often keeps shop, gives tours and provides other services.

Christine Hill, Small Business, 2012. If you look closely, the sign over the door says THINK

I also remember seeing Brittany Powell‘s large letters spelling HECK in her small cube-like studio during Open Studios at CCA years ago. A nice description of the art school experience.

Brittany Powell, Heck, 4′ x7′, 2003

One of my favorite text lists to tack on the wall is Sister Corita Kent’s 10 Rules for Students and Teachers. (I often wonder what the MFA experience would be like if there would be some guidelines for students and teachers instead of the typical schizophrenic pedagogical approach I experienced).

And then of course there is the well-loved list How to Work Better by artists Fischli and Weiss:

And Henry Miller’s 11 Commandments on writing:

Of course there is always this classic:

Any others I should know about?

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