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A room filled with inspirational phrases saying things like: You Are Exactly Where You Need To Be or Be Here Now were installed at the Ping Pong Gallery in San Francisco. I also made inspirational posters for the windows of in Houston, Texas as part of Sisyphus Office curated by Jonn Herschend. The generous staff at kindly printed the posters. Apparently, Houston needed the inspiration because the posters traveled to the administrative offices of the Contemporary Museum in Houston. Most recently, the inspirational posters have gone abroad and were displayed in an exhibition and public spaces  in Silkeborg, Denmark as well as a billboard festival in Toruń, Poland.

Images from top to bottom:

1 & 2. Poster installations at Silkeborg, Denmark, photos by Line Sandvad Mengers

3. You Are Exactly Where you Need to Be (Polish), 2012, moveable billboard at Art Moves Festival, Toruń, Poland

4. Be Here Now, You Are Exactly Where You Need to Be and Listen to Your Heart billboard, Rapackiego Square, Art Moves Festival, Toruń, Poland

5. Be Here Now (Polish), 2012, Art Moves Festival, Toruń, Poland

6. and 7. Before and after shots of storefront, part of Sisyphus Office in Houston, Texas


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