Pep Talk Squad

by Susan on Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Pep Talk Squad is a two-person DIY operation and collaboration between Christina Amini and myself. Simply put, we wear jackets with the words “Pep Talk Squad” on the back and we like listening to people talk about what’s on their minds. Without an official office we roam easily from place-to-place, giving pep-talks at schools, parks, galleries and parking lots. Our most valuable credentials for this work are an affinity and ability for a) listening b) talking and problem solving with others. ¬†While we used to set out with a typewriter, brochures and buttons, now we consider pep-talks to be part of our daily practice. ¬†With the same spirit that we started this project, we try our best to be good listeners and problem solve with others every day.

Your Pep Talk

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