Signs on the Wall

by Susan on Monday, July 8, 2013

TRUST THIS SPACE. I’ve made a sign that says this and recently hung it in my new work room to remind me of it.

I’m a fan of how people use text in a work space - as a means to remind, encourage and disrupt.

Artist Christine Hill hangs THINK in her various store-like projects. Apparently her Dad worked for IBM, where THINK is the company’s mantra. But unlike a big technology company, Hill’s artwork often takes the appearance of cottage industry, where she often keeps shop, gives tours and provides other services.

I also remember seeing Brittany Powell’s large letters spelling HECK in her small cube-like studio during Open Studios at CCA years ago. A nice description of the art school experience.

One of my favorite text lists to tack on the wall is Sister Corita Kent’s_ 10 Rules for Students and Teachers_. (I often wonder what the MFA experience would be like if there would be some guidelines for students and teachers instead of the typical schizophrenic pedagogical approach I experienced).

And then of course there is the well-loved list How to Work Better by artists Fischli and Weiss:

And Henry Miller’s 11 Commandments on writing:

Of course there is always this classic:

Any others I should know about?

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